COVID-19 Resources

Results so far

Aegis Premier Solutions, a Moore company and a leader in caging and lockbox solutions for nonprofits, posts weekly summaries of nonprofit caging results here with new data every Wednesday.

Merkle Response Group also posts their caging results weekly on their site.


The Nonprofit Times, Angel Aloma of Food for the Poor, Steve Froehlich of ALSAC/St. Jude, and Jamie Natelson of Humane Society of the United States joined with Moore’s CEO Gretchen Littlefield and Chief Brand Officer Nick Ellinger to discuss how to change your messaging in these unique times. The full video is up here.

Moore’s Nick Ellinger also joined Veritus Group on a free webinar called How Should We Respond in this Time of Crisis? These three will also be joining The Nonprofit Alliance to answer your questions on April 16 live.

White papers

You can see what resources may be available for your organization in the CARES Act and what we are pushing for in upcoming legislation (hint: universal deductibility of charitable donations) in CARES Act and the Next Act.

And you can see what historically has happened to charitable gifts during economic challenges and how you can react in Coronavirus and Economic Challenges: What History Tells Us and Steps Forward.

Production information

As ever, Moore is committed to helping you be a great fundraising organization. You can read about our commitment to you here and about our production facilities’ classification as essential services here.

You can also see the USPS’s commitment to serve in their statement, where they say “The Postal Service is an essential service for purposes of compliance with state or municipality shelter-in-place orders or other social distancing restrictions.”

Other resources

Disease information