The Moore Group of Companies represent a diverse group of causes. Those causes have employees and supporters of every demographic background with very different beliefs, races, and religions.

We all should be proud to work at Moore. Moore encourages all employees to publicly support the causes we serve and those they choose to support, including local charities and organizations.

We ask that when you choose to identify yourself as an employee of our companies, including when you appear in public wearing clothes or logos which identify you as an employee of our companies, you know your statements and your conduct will be associated with our companies. The things that you say in public, and the way you conduct yourself in public, will inform peoples’ opinions about who we are. People may assume you represent our company’s position. As such your actions could impact our customers or potential customers. Your actions could impact our ability to function as a company, serve our customers, and be an employer.

As such, please remember, the Moore Group of Companies has no political party or religious affiliation. It is the goal of our companies to serve causes that conduct their affairs consistent with the law.

Please wear our colors and logos proudly. When you do, however, please think about how your actions may represent Moore.

Please know that we support all employee’s right to peaceful, lawful exercise of free speech. That said, regardless of what you are wearing, if conduct becomes dangerous, endangering the health and safety of others, you will no longer have an employment opportunity with Moore or its companies.