Get donor intelligence with artificial and real intelligence

Two Moore companies provide robust data services. Aegis’ data services and managed services team provide a range of services including data hygiene, data appends, list pulls, data scrubbing, and campaign strategy. They also provide database and CRM solutions for nonprofits. Learn more.

SimioCloud is the Moore marketing platform. It uses the latest machine learning on vast consumer data sets to create donor intelligence that engages donors and improves your fundraising across all channels. You’ll be able to get the right message to the right person at the right time in the right channel with:

Powerful data. SimioCloud’s consumer data is uniquely sourced in real time. We then use our own special-sauce algorithms to optimize your marketing to be relevant to your donors.

Speedy execution. A slow response is almost as bad as no response. SimioCloud can execute campaigns across all channels. Slower media like mail can become just as fast and customized as digital.

Customized outcomes. We build our solutions specifically for your goals. Whether you are looking to increase your donor file, retention, or value, we want to solve your specific challenges.