We manage over 6 million names per year for our clients. List services include exchange and rental management and list-rental escrow security.

List Brokerage

Selecting the most responsive audience to receive your message is the most important strategic step in your fundraising plan. Your message is not heard if it is mailed to the wrong people. We target the right people for your fundraising appeals based on your goals. We make recommendations, obtain clearances, initiate orders, follow up on delivery of names, and coordinate, with computer service bureaus to ensure correct applications of the merge/purge process. Our list brokerage services include:

Analyzing current and prospective markets to determine appropriate list sources.
Developing strategies for most effective use of available lists (exchange, rental or appropriate mix to achieve specific goals).
Developing list recommendations and researching the appropriate selections and enhancements. Research tools employed by Moore include SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service), list usage comparisons, personal recommendations from other list managers, and more.
Using various analytic tools and approaches to maximize productivity of each list, maximizing economic outcome for mailer
Package to List “Pairing” – techniques illustrate & coordinate best performing list to the best package.
Stoplight Reports™ – reporting techniques that illustrate which lists are a “Go” for your client.
Best Donor Finder™ – utilizes zip code modeling, demographic profiles overlays, categorical analysis, and cooperative modeling to ensure maximum performance for our mailers.
Right Ask™ – technology uses our own proprietary technique of increasing dollar average without sacrificing response rates.
Evaluating responses to determine results of campaign objectives and ascertain future plans.

List Management

Our primary goal in managing our clients’ lists is to establish exchange relationships to reduce their list acquisition fees. Renting our clients’ files to yield list rental income also helps to offset the major costs of their donor acquisition program. We work with our client base to develop realistic expectations for list marketing based on marketing history, our awareness of the marketplace, and our ability to project exchange capabilities and rental revenues. Our clients’ house files names are their livelihood―and we only market their lists when we can do so without negatively impacting their overall program.

Every list represented by Moore has its own distinct marketing plan. We assist list owners in maximizing list rental income to help create a stable, diversified and accountable profit center aside from their direct-response programs.

We strategically and aggressively promote our clients’ lists to increase list rental income through:

• Email list promotions – Bi-weekly advertisements to other list brokers
• Email signature/tag lines – From our team members promoting clients’ lists on a rotating monthly basis
• Direct-mail promotions
• Conference attendance – Meetings with list brokers to promote our clients’ lists
• Advertising in SRDS and Nextmark – List search engines
• Targeted recommendations to list brokers and mailers via phone, email and personal interactions at meetings and industry events

Knowing that today’s marketplace is highly competitive and more diversified than ever, we carefully screen potential users and the packages they are mailing to our clients’ donor files. We also provide yearly market and segment analysis including:

• Revenue trends year by year
• Competitive pricing analysis
• Competitive list universe analysis
• Exchange balance analysis

We believe that a list manager should perform not only the basic order processing services, but also serve as a marketing extension to the list owner.

Online Acquisition

The nonprofit industry has placed growing importance on online giving as part of an organization’s overall fundraising strategy. It’s no surprise that a primary goal of any online program is to grow and maintain a large, healthy list of email addresses for donors or potential donors with whom the organization can communicate. This acquisition can be done through a variety of methods and can be tailored to virtually any budget.

We have extensive experience providing a customized plan to meet each nonprofit’s goals and needs. We have successfully managed campaigns with small budgets as well as those with budgets of up to several hundred thousand dollars for numerous clients ranging from Wounded Warrior Project and Disabled American Veterans to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. In addition, we will partner with you to create a conversion plan for any newly acquired prospects or an onboarding program for new donors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This practice focuses on structuring your website and content to be easily indexed by search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo and Bing). This affects the “organic” listings and allows more new visitors to find your website. This tactic is best paired with a strategic path that leads new visitors to a newsletter opt-in page and/or a donation form.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Search engines allow advertisers to choose the keywords for which they would like their ads to display. We create comprehensive testing plans to determine what types of keywords and landing pages will provide the best results. We manage campaigns in Google (including Google Grant Management), Yahoo, AOL and Bing.
E-appends: This practice of matching a direct-mail file to a database of email addresses is an extremely cost-effective way to build an email list. We organize quarterly “gang runs” with other clients that provide you with significant savings.
Petition Networks: Working with vendors such as Care2, and Greater Good Network, we can create a petition for users to sign while simultaneously opting-in to receive more information from the organization.
Network Advertising: This is the largest, most varied type of advertising available online. It covers the spectrum of buying banner ad space on individual websites such as to larger networks of websites such as Our media plans include advertising techniques such as “remarketing” (also called “retargeting”), which is the practice of displaying advertising to visitors who have previously visited your website.