Know what your donors are thinking

Most decisions your donors make are unconscious.  Not only do you not know why the donors did what they did, but they don’t even know why they did what they did.

As fundraisers, we are in the motivation business.  Connecting with donors is more than just lists and campaigns.  It’s how you connect with them.  We must understand donors’ motivations – conscious and unconscious – if we are to be effective. 

That’s why we launched the Moore Neuro-Fundraising® Lab – the only one of its kind in the nonprofit world. We use neuroscience techniques to test and fine tune creative before going to market.  We are the only ones with this level of focus on understanding donors’ thinking

Through real-time biometrics, we measure and evaluate the potential effectiveness of creative, allowing edits to be made before it’s launched in the marketplace. This allows clients to ensure the campaign will drive results.

Learn more about why your donors act and how you can create the most effective messages here.