As we continue to face the challenge posed by the Coronavirus, we thought it might be fun to create a contest that serves two purposes: resolve a basic need, people wearing face masks, and to do something fun with your fellow employees.

As you are probably aware, there is a shortage of personal protection gear in the market especially face masks. We have been trying to buy these for the past six weeks with limited success. However, we continue to see more information on ways to make your own. That got us thinking that maybe we should have a “reusable face mask making contest”!

Although, all Employees of the company can participate in the Mask Challenge, we would like to allow the Prizes below to only be received by employees that are actively coming into the facility each day for work, as our goal is to get more people actively wearing their own reusable masks in the plant.

We will be utilizing some of the submissions in our newsletter, and our social postings for the company.  Although, we encourage people to post socially, any posting that references the company name or MOORE, will need to be submitted and approved by management, before posting.

So here is what we decided to do. Introducing…


The challenge, make a reusable face mask (‘s) that you can wear daily while you are at work, (clean and reuse) which will provide for all, a safer workplace,

Should you decide to accept this challenge:

Design your own custom reusable face mask that you can wear to work (Note: You do not have to know how to sew to participate)

Prize categories are as follows:

  • Most creative design – sewn mask: 1st place $100
  • Most creative design – no sew mask: 1st place $100
  • Most creative use of materials: 1st place $100
  • Most mask made, (this is based on quantity and quality), the additional reusable masks made will be shared with other employees for their use.

Top 2 receive $100 each

There are multiple ways to win as the prize categories indicate to encourage everyone to participate.

Ways to win: To be eligible to win in any category the employee submitting an entry must demonstrate their commitment to a healthy workplace by wearing their mask at work as well as meeting the category criteria below:

  • Creative Design for a sewn mask: This category will be driven by the overall creativity, look and functionality of the mask. Is it creative and effective? Use of graphics, texture, color, shape and special features will be factors in the judging.
  • Creative Design for a no sew mask: This category will be driven by the overall creativity, look and functionality of the mask. Is it creative and effective? Use of graphics, texture, color, shape and special features will be factors in the judging. This mask should be designed to be made without using sewing as the primary method of assembly. A few well-placed stitches to attach elastic for example will be allowed.
  • Most creative use of materials: In this category we are looking at the materials you chose to construct your mask from. Since they can be made from a wide range of materials, let’s see how clever you can be.
  • Most Masks Made: This category is for the employee who likes to share. You still need to produce a quality and effective reusable mask but if creativity is not your thing, but productivity is, this is the category for you. Make as many masks to share as you can, and turn them in to the Production Manager, by the due date and you could be a winner, too. You will be judged on the quantity and quality of the masks you produce. The additional masks received after the judging is complete will be offered to other personnel, that did not participate to encourage them to wear a mask also.

How to enter your mask:

  • Take a selfie with your mask on and the masks you’ve made, no group pictures please, and check with your leadership for where entries needs to be sent for your location, for judging.
  • Please include in the email, with your picture, your name, department and employee #.
  • All submissions, and additional masks made for the category “Most Masks Made”, must be received by 11:59 pm on Friday, April 17th

Winning will be announced by noon on Tuesday, April 21st

Additional Information to help you prepare for the challenge:

Helpful Videos: The Internet is full of ideas and instructions for DIY face masks. Have fun hunting for unique ideas.

Part of the creativity could be your use of common home items that your masks are made from. Here are some examples of cloth face coverings to consider using as a mask against coronavirus:

  • bandanas
  • shirts
  • scarves
  • handkerchiefs
  • men’s boxers or briefs
  • blankets
  • workout clothes
  • bedding/sheets
  • vacuum cleaner bags
  • dish towels
  • tablecloths
  • any cotton clothing fabric
  • pillowcases

**DISCLAIMER: Experts advise that while the homemade alternatives can create a loose-fitting barrier that may mitigate the spread of some germs, they are not designed to block the spread of COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the best way to prevent illness is by avoiding exposure to the virus. It advises, above all else, for people to avoid person-to-person contact and practice social distancing, avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth, cover coughs and sneezes with tissue or the inside of the elbow, and to frequently and thoroughly wash hands for at least 20 seconds.